PADI-web: A multilingual event-based surveillance system for monitoring animal infectious diseases lien

Valentin Sarah, Arsevska Elena, Falala Sylvain, De Goër de Hervé Jocelyn, Lancelot Renaud, Mercier Alizé, Rabatel Julien, Roche Mathieu.

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 169(8) 105163 , 2020

Web monitoring of emerging animal infectious diseases integrated in the French Animal Health Epidemic Intelligence System. lien

Arsevska Elena, Valentin Sarah, Rabatel Julien, De Goër de Hervé Jocelyn, Falala Sylvain, Lancelot Renaud, Roche Mathieu.

PloS One, 13 (8) e0199960, 25 p., 2018


Identification of terms for detecting early signals of emerging infectious disease outbreaks on the web. lien

Arsevska Elena, Roche Mathieu, Hendrikx Pascal, Chavernac David, Falala Sylvain, Lancelot Renaud, Dufour Barbara.

Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 123:104-115, 2016


[Demo] Integration of text and web-mining results in EpidVis.

Fadloun Samilha, Sallaberry Arnaud, Mercier Alizé, Arsevska Elena, Poncelet Pascal, Roche Mathieu.

In proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems (NLDB 2018), Paris, France. Springer (Lecture Notes in Computer Science), 437-440, 2018